Didier Bourdon evokes the idea of ​​a third part of Les Trois Frères

The actor, soon to appear in The perfect manunveiled: “It would be the last installment, it would be The Three Grandfathers”.

The Unknowns, the emblematic trio of comedians of the 1990s, could put the cover back. “There is an idea, a third part of the three brothers”, loose Didier Bourdon Tuesday at the microphone of BFMTV, then in promotion of the film by Xavier Durringer, The perfect manin theaters June 22. “It would be the last installment, it would be The Three Grandfathers. We would cross out “brothers” and we would put “grandfathers”. This film could be directed by Xavier Durringer but “it’s an idea just like that, in the air”, adds the actor. Les Inconnus, directors of the first two parts, would not direct the last “to be truly free from this constraint”.

Another revelation, “the third film would be a more adventurous part, we would leave France. I think that Bernard Campan and Pascal Légitimus are open to that”, says Didier Bourdon.

In 1995, their first film The three brothers had triumphed with 7 million spectators and won the César for best first film. The Three Brothers, the return , released in 2014, before attracting more than 2 million curious people. In the meantime, the comic trio find themselves in two programs at the end of the year, around the genesis of their sketches then in a film directed by Riad Sattouf, comic book author and director.


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