Diabetes doctors attack lip massage

While the pioneers of social networking sites circulated a video clip of a woman urging diabetic patients to stop the treatments, and only perform a massage for the upper lips, the consultant endocrinology and diabetes, Dr. Khaled Al-Ghamdi, confirmed that this information is completely untrue and false information, which results in the abandonment of medicines by some patients. , which leads to severe consequences and serious complications, noting that people with type 1 diabetes need insulin treatment to control diabetes, as leaving it leads to the patient entering a coma or death.

stop posting

And the pioneers of social networking sites had republished a video of a woman, recommending a massage for the upper lip, noting that diabetes is not a disease but a psychological condition, it could be due to frustration or lack of vitamins, stressing that there is a quick treatment in 30 seconds, by holding the thumb. And the index finger to press and pull the upper lip, claiming that this movement lowers the level of diabetes and restores insulin to the body. Al-Ghamdi advised not to circulate clips that contain false information, from people who are not specialized or authorized to speak, such as leaving medicines without referring to the doctor and so on, because there is a category of people who actually follow what is presented in these clips, which affect the health of the person or lead him to death, and therefore The person posting the clip is unintentionally contributing to the harm of other people.

The role of the media and health

On the impact of these clips on society and public health, Professor of Medical Sociology, Dr. Attia Al-Salami, explained that the lack of extensive awareness from the Ministry of Health, such as the awareness it carries out in the Corona pandemic, is one of the reasons why these clips are believed by some, as well as the neglect of the media. Sometimes in response to such passages, in addition to the weakness of a healthy culture in the basic socialization within the family, because the family is the first teacher in instilling cultures and beliefs, for example, but not limited to, we find the family that is exaggeratedly afraid of the eye and envy, transmits These beliefs are for her children.

Beliefs and diseases

Al-Salami pointed out that beliefs are a key factor in the spread of some diseases, such as those who believe that successful treatments are with a specific herb, or by massaging an area of ​​the body and the like.

He stressed that such clips must be addressed, and that all that arrives must be stopped, and that anyone who publishes such clips, which are not related to medicine, should be punished, especially since these clips cause a deterioration in some people’s cases or their illness.

wrong concepts

Type 1 diabetes can only be treated with diet and lifestyle changes.

Truth: Type 1 diabetics need insulin for life.

A diabetic does not need periodic follow-up if his sugar is regular.

Truth: Every diabetic needs routine follow-up, to check blood pressure, nerves and eyes, and measure the cumulative sugar.

A diabetic does not need to measure blood sugar at home.

Truth: Studies have shown that the more the patient measures, the better the control of sugar and fewer complications.

Diabetes prevents a person from practicing their normal life.

Truth: Diabetes does not prevent a person from living his life, as he can live with it and control it.


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