Development Bank: Establishing electronic stores for productive families

The Social Development Bank has signed a number of cooperation agreements with a number of technology companies, to support productive families and enable them to e-commerce, at the Dellny Business Center in Riyadh, and the bank aims, through concluding these partnerships, to support the productive families system, by establishing a store dedicated to each family. And listing the products and images available to them for each product, and special discounts and commission rates are applied to motivate and encourage them to practice e-commerce, and to be an important part of the volume of e-commerce in the Kingdom. Rial.

It is noteworthy that the bank launched the issuance service of (Productive Family Certificate), through the National Platform for Productive Families, with the aim of empowering them and transforming them into defined economic entities to enhance the reliability of their products and facilitate their access to the market. More than 85 governorates to benefit from the financing services provided by the bank, and the Social Development Bank has designated the unified number 920033309 to provide services to productive families and financing intermediaries.

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