Deterioration of the planet’s vital signs

Prominent scientists have warned that the planet’s “vital indicators” are declining due to the fluctuations in the global economy, expressing concern about the possibility of climate “collapses” if “emergency” measures are not taken to reduce pollution.

These researchers, who belong to a group of more than 14,000 scientists who have called for declaring a “climate emergency” at the global level, considered that governments have systematically failed to address the causes of climate change, represented by the “overexploitation of the land.”

disaster increase

After a previous assessment, conducted in 2019, the researchers highlighted the “unprecedented increase”, since that year, in climate disasters, from floods to heat waves, through to hurricanes and fires.

Of the 31 “vital indicators” of the planet, including emissions of greenhouse gases, the thickness of glaciers or deforestation, 18 indicators reached record levels, according to the results of the research published in the journal “Bio Science”.

Thus, despite the decrease in greenhouse gas emissions due to the “Covid 19” pandemic, the concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere reached record levels in 2021.

melting glaciers

The glaciers are melting 31% faster than they were 15 years ago. Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon also hit a record high in 2020, turning this critical carbon sink into a net source of carbon dioxide emissions.

The study showed that the number of livestock around the world exceeded 4 billion, including cows and sheep, which now exceed the mass of humans and wild animals combined.


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