Detective film is recovering in Iran

The Reims festival rewarded Tehran Law and The Slaughterhouse, two remarkable thrillers on the reality of a corrupt and violent country.

Again, the suspense was maintained until the last minute. After Beaune, aficionados wondered where the Detective Film Festival would be held from now on. The answer was Reims. After all, there is logic in all of this: when jumping, champagne corks sometimes mimic the sound of gunshots.

For this 38e edition, the crude therefore mingled with the brutal – in virtual, Covid obliges. The selection was enough to make fans salivate. It included a large fresco inspired by Alfred Döblin, Berlin Alexanderplatz, over which hovered the shadow of Fassbinder and with a character of junk as we do not often see, a skewer of Neapolitan mafiosi who had something Shakespearean (The Mayor of Rione Sanita, from a play by Eduardo De Filippo), a tormented Italian summer with terrorist and suicidal children (Storia di vacanze), Korean hitmen embarked on kidnapping kid with lots of slow motion fighting (Deliver Us from

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