Deliveroo: 29 percent of Kuwaiti consumers order ready-to-eat meals because they are unable to make them at home

Siham Al-Husseini: “Delivero” is proud to help create opportunities and events that bring people together

Deliveroo received the new year with a survey about the expected food habits and trends in 2021. These trends were deduced based on results collected from the company’s two regional markets in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

“Delivero” indicated that with the increase in the number of restaurants that provide the service of customizing the request according to the desire of the customer, it is not surprising that “choose the ingredients for your dish” comes from The Bowl, “Poké” dishes that can be customized from “Goa”, and “Your own way” dishes come from Slice is among the most coveted dishes in Kuwait.

She pointed out that due to the increasing demand from customers to form new dishes and try new flavors, the dishes designed according to the client’s desire are prepared to perform well during the year.

She stated that with the beautiful weather, and many people choosing to spend their time outdoors, restaurants began to cater to outdoor gatherings and scouts by offering collection boxes, which are the perfect addition to any outdoor gathering or picnic.

This trend appears to continue in 2021, as more customers choose to bring small plates to their outdoor gatherings with friends, or baskets of produce for the family to enjoy.

The company stated that, according to a report issued by the New York Times, the collection boxes are once again popular, thanks in part to the Corona epidemic that brought everyone back to the kitchen, noting that whether the plans include making the famous mushroom risotto in Magma, or the Sawaikh grills Muharraq, many restaurants today offer lunch boxes with the option to order ready-to-eat, ready-to-grill or cook meals.

She added, “While many prepared to leave the life of the epidemic behind, some still adhere to the best habits that we practiced because of our presence at home.”

According to the regional “Deliveroo” survey, there are some food trends and “gifts” that are expected to continue in 2021, including intermittent fasting, banana bread, meatless alternatives, fermented sourdough bread, pasta and homemade pasta, and whipped coffee.

She pointed out that during the epidemic, concern about waste from food and product packaging has largely disappeared, so that many customers did not think twice about ordering sealed meals and plastic packaging greatly.

She explained that, however, according to the latest reports from the New York Times, experts expect that concern about waste and interest in environmentally friendly or reusable containers will increase, as soon as the threat from the “Covid-19” virus disappears.

Deliveroo noted that at the regional level, the biggest expectations for 2021 focused on healthy and responsible eating, with 45 percent of those surveyed indicating that reducing food waste will become a common trend this year, while 43 percent believe that sustainable foods will become more sustainable. Importance to consumers.

Vegetarian orientation

Deliveroo has again witnessed a massive increase in the demand for vegetarian foods in the past twelve months, with requests for vegetarian dishes up 115 percent compared to the previous year, proving that adopting a vegan approach is not just a passing phenomenon.

This indicates that this trend is preferred by customers, and constitutes a potential area for growth in “Delivero”, as last year saw the number of restaurants offering vegetarian menus more than doubled, pointing to the increasing demand from customers who adhered to the vegetarian lifestyle, noting that in Kuwait, tabbouleh kale dish from Ovo vegetarian and flexible restaurant was the most requested vegetarian dish this year.

The future of delivery

The latest survey conducted by “Delivero” also found that online food platforms are affecting the ways of eating, with 29 percent of respondents saying they order ready meals because they are unable to make their favorite dish at home, while 27 percent say they order Online is an important way to support their favorite local restaurants.

At the same time, more than 24 percent of survey respondents cited convenience as the main reason for their request, saying they prefer ordering takeaway to avoid the mess of cooking at home.

“We are celebrating the New Year and we are more excited than ever to see what trends are set to perform well in 2021,” said Siham Al Husseini, CEO of Deliveroo Kuwait.

She added that with more customizable meals on the app and an increasing range of options suitable for gatherings and visits, Delivero is proud to help create opportunities and events that bring people together and enable them to spend happy times together, noting that no matter what the year 2021 has in store, Deliveroo Kuwait, as always, is ready for delivery.

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