Defense of the Middle Ages

Readers accuse me of having spoken, in connection with the victory of the Taliban, of “Return of the Middle Ages”. For example, academics from Perpignan say “Offended by this too usual identification of the Middle Ages with barbarism and obscurantism”. Needless to say: these readers are right. I charge the new management with The cross to apologize on my part to the Middle Ages, which has every reason to feel unfairly slandered. That’s what it is, to pick up the pen after a too watered holiday (I’m talking about the rain): we have an unfair pen. In this regard, and since we are talking about it, these same teachers from Perpignan admonish me: “If Alain Rémond had taken advantage of his gloomy summer to reread, for example, historians like Georges Duby and Jacques Le Goff about the condition of women, in particular, perhaps he would have refrained from this easy shortcut and reducer. ” I confess, in fact, that I did not take advantage of my gloomy summer to reread Georges Duby and Jacques Le Goff (nor, moreover, Régine Pernoud and Jacques Heers, as another reader advised me). I took advantage of it to walk by the sea (between two showers), eat with friends, play with my grandchildren, spend time with my children, listen to Anne Queffélec in concert. Will I make a commitment to amend myself next summer? Unfortunately, I am afraid not. I beg your pardon in advance in the Middle Ages.


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