Defamation of the harasser is a permissible penalty

After a paragraph was added to Article 6 of the Law on Combating Harassment and Defamation in the local newspapers at the expense of the convicted person, according to the severity of the crime and its impact on society, and to find out more about the issue of the criteria for the severity of the crime that require defamation, lawyer Muhammad Al-Zahim explained that the standard is based on the facts of the crime and determines that The judge of the matter considers what is stated in the second paragraph of Article VI of the anti-harassment system, as the punishment for the harasser has been more severe, and it is as follows: Or if the crime is associated with any of the following:

A- If the victim was a child.

B- If the victim is a person with special needs.

C – If the perpetrator has direct or indirect authority over the victim.

D- If the crime occurred in a place of work, study, accommodation or care.

E – If the perpetrator and the victim are of the same sex.

And – if the victim was asleep, unconscious, or the same.

G – If the crime occurred in any of the situations of crisis, disaster or accident.

Defamation of the name without the picture

Lawyer Nawaf Al-Nabati clarified that defamation would be by name without publishing the photo.

He asserted that the issue of defamation is only after the verdict has acquired the final character, and the issue of the gravity of the crime and its impact on society is a judge’s discretion.

The gravity of the crime and the age

Al-Nabati pointed out that the issue of the gravity of the crime is considered in terms of the extent of the harm inflicted on the victim, as well as the effects on society. Therefore, not every crime of harassment requires defamation.

As for the issue of considering the age of the perpetrator and whether it is usually taken into account when ruling, he clarified that the issue of age is one of the matters that is usually taken into consideration in the issue of rulings in all cases.

Permissible penalty

In the event that the harassment took place in a public place, and the victim demanded the recordings and then published them on social media in order to expedite the punishment for the harasser, the crowd indicated that defamation in the harassment system is permissible and it is not obligatory for any judge to include it in the verdict according to the seriousness of the crime and its social impact. After the verdict acquires peremptory capacity, the victim must go to the competent authorities and provide them with evidence or request evidence from surveillance agencies, for example.

Societal impact

On the effect of defamation punishment for the harasser on reducing the crime of harassment, the social and family consultant at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh, Dr. Shuja Al-Qahtani explained that it will undoubtedly reduce harassment crimes because with the existence of these laws and regulations, the person feels responsibility and also feels fear of penalties, and this means that the existence of penalties and laws It is part of the prevention and protection and preventing people from going too far in falling into misdemeanors and mistakes or trespassing on others.


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