Defamation of a facility that sold fake car batteries in Dammam

The Ministry of Commerce declared a company specialized in trading batteries in the city of Dammam and the director of the company after a court ruling convicted them of violating the trademark system of possessing and selling imitation car batteries of a well-known trademark.

The Ministry published a summary of the judicial ruling issued by the Criminal Court in Dammam, including the imposition of a fine of one hundred thousand riyals, the confiscation and destruction of the seized quantities, and the judgment was published in a newspaper at the expense of the violators. The Ministry of Commerce affirmed its intention to continue to address violators of the anti-commercial fraud and trademark system and to complete the application of the statutory penalties against them in view of the consequent fraud and deception of consumers, as the penalties imposed on violators reach three years imprisonment, a fine of one million riyals or both, and deportation of the violating workers. To their countries and prevent them from returning to work in the Kingdom, and defamation of violators in the local newspapers at their expense.

Commerce calls on all consumers to submit their reports about the violating establishments through the application of a “commercial report” at the link: (click here) or through the communications center on the number 1900 or the official website of the ministry on the Internet.


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