Decipher a coded message from a killer after 50 years

A number of amateur reading of the coded texts announced that they had succeeded in deciphering an encrypted message, sent more than 50 years ago by a criminal serial killer, nicknamed “the Zodiac Killer”, who terrorized northern California in the late 1960s, and is still anonymous.

Al-Killer sent this letter in November 1969 to the San Francisco Chronicle, and since then it has kept baffling the authorities and amateur investigators with its letters and symbols encoded in the form of a table.

The identity of the criminal

Followers of the “Zodiac Killer” mystery were hoping that this coded message would contain the identity of the criminal who committed at least five documented murders between 1968 and 1969, but who claimed 37 crimes in total, and inspired a number of other thug criminals.

The three amateurs, who managed to decode the message, explained that all there is in the matter are a few sentences in which the killer brags and challenges the authorities without revealing his motives or revealing his identity.

An American web designer called David Uranczak (46 years old) began working on this issue in 2006, and needed a number of software programs to accomplish the complex task.

Message 340

The American designer helped in the task, the Australian mathematician Sam Blake, and the Belgian logistical expert, Jarl Van Eyck, according to what he told the San Francisco Chronicle.

A teacher and his wife were able in 1969 to decipher the first letter sent by the thug to the California newspapers, among the most prominent of which was his saying: “I love killing because it is fun.” He again referred to the “slaves” he claimed to collect for his service, but the code used in this message The first was much simpler than that of “Letter 340”, as I called it this name because it contains 340 letters (17 columns of 20 letters).


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