December 23 is the date for the screening of the movie The Midnight Sky

George Clooney, producer and director of The Midnight Sky, who also starred, revealed the deadline for showing the movie, December 23, on Netflix, while noting that before talking about that, something very important should be addressed, which is our basic duty towards humanity and our role in all of that. And about the feelings of hatred and hatred that people exchange in all the world, the impact of this fight on the climate and all that we export to the world from our laboratories, and what we are able to do in this regard, especially after the pandemic.

Life value

The actors also talked about their experience with the characters, and how they were able to harmonize with them. Actress Felicity said that what she liked most after reading the script, the film talks about the value of life and the importance of communication, family and parents in particular.

George is a great teacher

As for their impressions of working with Clooney as a director, the actor David mentioned that Clooney has the personality of an excellent trainer, and how he was able to make them learn their roles quickly, and how to understand the characters, since if you know what you say your feeling will reach the viewer directly, and as much as you give the viewer, you will get His attention, and realistically live everything around you.

As for Kyle, he mentioned that George makes you do everything completely and at the same time, and the work was going smoothly, and with the utmost smoothness and you feel the pleasure of working with him, he listens to you and shares his opinion with you at work, so the work is very wonderful.

the story of the movie

Set in the post-world devastation period, this story follows the attempts of Augustin “George Clooney”, a lonely scientist in the polar region, as time races to prevent Sally and her fellow astronauts from returning to Earth, where a mysterious global disaster awaits them.


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