Death of Tunisian Hichem Rostom, actor in The Wing or the Thigh and The English Patient

The actor, an officer of the National Order of Merit in Tunisia, died on Tuesday at the age of 75. Considered the most famous actor of his generation in his country, he also worked in France under the direction of Claude Zidi, Ariel Zeitoun and Jean-Jacques Annaud.

Tunisian actor Hichem Rostom, who starred in such famous films as the English Patient, died Tuesday at the age of 75 announced the Tunisian Ministry of Culture.

This doctor in literature and theater history began his career as an artist more than 50 years ago and has participated in dozens of Tunisian, French, Italian, English and German films.

Of Wing or thigh to Carthage Days

Born near Tunis on May 26, 1947, Hichem Rostom did his higher education in France where he worked as an animator at the National Popular Theater before embarking on cinema. In 1988 he strongly camped Si Youssef in Golden Clogs by Nouri Bouzid, his first big success. He then continued his career in his native country where we see him in many films made by Tunisians and in foreign feature films such as The Silences of the Palace by Moufida Tlatli, Essaida by Mohamed Zran and of course The English Patient by Anthony Minghella.

Passionate about all forms of scenic expression, he was director of the Carthage Theater Days for two successive editions. He is also known for his productions of plays such as caligula and The Stranger by Albert Camus. Finally, he will also have led theater workshops in Tunisian universities.

In France his talents were used in particular in Wing or thigh by Claude Zidi from 1976, Paparazzi by Alain Berberian (1998) and finally more recently in black gold by Jean-Jacques Annaud (2011). In his country, where he was considered the most famous actor of his generation, he was one of the founders of the festival “Rouhaniyetof spiritual and Sufi songs.


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