Death of the couturier Pierre Cardin, man of paradoxes

He will have been the man of paradoxes. Adventurous creator who succeeded ” to create volumes, shapes, materials and colors that did not exist », He confided quite recently, but also a formidable businessman, multiplying his brand to the point of scratching the most everyday objects. A propensity which earned him the criticism of his peers, accusing him of misleading haute couture – which he also abandoned in 1959 to devote himself to ready-to-wear, more lucrative, closer to the people.

Born Pietro Costante Cardini, July 2, 1922, in a family of Venetian farmers, the future stylist left Mussolini Italy in 1924 with his parents and settled in France. He dreams of himself as an actor, but instead of putting on flamboyant costumes, he will imagine some for others. His adage: ” fashion must be tomorrow And not a tribute to the past. Like his contemporaries Paco Rabanne or André Courrèges, Pierre Cardin designs clothes with futuristic lines and materials still unseen in the sewing workshops, such as his bubble dresses or his Cosmocorps jumpsuits, worthy of science fiction films.

Pioneer eager for success

First male parades at the end of the 1950s, shows in the USSR (a country that has always celebrated it) and shops in China, constitution of a considerable real estate heritage – the Maxim’s restaurant, the castle and the village of Lacoste in the Vaucluse, former home of the Marquis de Sade… – Pierre Cardin unfolds again and again.

I wanted to be successful, be somebody and be myself », He assured, between megalomania and lucidity. While claiming to regret not having had a child from his affair with Jeanne Moreau, he claimed his homosexuality and confessed ” a fascination with the inaccessible “. That he will have achieved in his own way.


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