Death of Margaret Nolan, James Bond’s golden masseuse in “Goldfinger”

Her luscious beauty, in a golden setting, magnified the poster for the third cinematographic James Bond in history, Goldfinger. British actress Margaret Nolan died on October 5 at the age of 76. This is director Edgar Wright (Baby Driver, Scott Pilgrim…) who announced the sad news on social networks, soon to be confirmed on Variety by Oscar Deeks the son of the late artist.

The young filmmaker, who has just shot Last Night in Soho with the actress, paid him a nice tribute: “Margaret was at the heart of everything ‘in’ in the sixties. She was there with the Beatles in Four boys in the wind, she played a memorable scene in James Bond and then it became very popular thanks to the series Carry On. “

Actress Margaret Nolan is the Woman in Gold poster of Goldfinger Leemage

Born October 29, 1943, Margaret Nolan, a model in her debut, first cut her teeth on television in 1962 in the series The Saint with Roger Moore. Noticed by Guy Hamilton, a few months later, she would become the iconic golden beauty of the poster of Goldfinger, Sean Connery’s third Bondian onscreen mission. Gironde, mutinous at will, the filmmaker will even give him a small but striking role in the film, that of Dink, a charming masseuse in a bikini responsible for calming the joint pain of the handsome 007.

After this memorable appearance, Margaret Nolan continued for some time to work for the cinema (Three Bedrooms in Manhattan by Marcel Carné) before leading a successful career in English television. For a good fifteen years, she will appear, often with notable success, in about thirty series, of which the famous Sincerely yours in 1971, which brought together an incredible duo: Roger Moore and Tony Curtis.

The scene of Goldfinger in which Dink alias Margaret Nolan mass James Bond alias Sean Connery.


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