Death of director François Leterrier at 91

The filmmaker was best known for his comedies with Christian Clavier including The Babas-Cools In the 1980’s.

A king of entertainment. Friday, December 4, director François Leterrier died at the age of 91. He was notably known for having played in A death row inmate escaped by Robert Bresson in 1956 and for having directed many comedies including The Babas-Cools in 1981 with Christian Clavier. The filmmaker was married to the costume designer and head decorator Catherine Leterrier. Together, they had a child in 1973, Louis Leterrier, also a director.

Born in 1929 in Margny-les-Compiègne, François Leterrier began his film career at the end of the 1950s as an actor with Robert Bresson, playing the role of Lieutenant André Devigny in A death row inmate escaped. Subsequently, he joined the production of many other films under the hat of assistant before endorsing, in 1961, that of director for his film. Bad Shots. This drama with Simone Signoret definitely launched the director’s career.

In 1963, François Leterrier produced A king without entertainment, starring Claude Giraud. He then signs one of his most popular films. After two other feature films, the director turns to eroticism by taking care of the third part of Emmanuelle, Good Bye, Emmanuelle in 1978. A shift towards comedy followed with one of the actors of the Splendid, Christian Clavier.

I’m about to break down, The Babas-Cools or Slice of life in the 1980s will mark the French actor who wished to pay tribute to the director. “A sad thought on the occasion of the death of director François Leterrier, which has marked my career, he writes on Twitter. I had a very rewarding collaboration with him.

He signed his last film in 1991 as a director, The Son of the Mekong with Jacques Villeret. As for her acting career, she also ended in 1971 with only a second film, Stavinsky by Alain Resnais. His son, Louis Leterrier, does not take the same path. He decided to export himself across the Atlantic, successfully (Elusive, Clash of the Titans, The carrier). He is directing the first part of the next Netflix series on Arsène Lupine with Omar Sy in the title role.


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