Death of Buddy Van Horn, the fearless understudy of Zorro and Clint Eastwood

The American stuntman died on May 11, 2021 at the age of 92. For half a century, he doubled in perilous action scenes, Guy Williams, Gregory Peck or Lee Marvin.

He went to find Rémy Julienne in the paradise of great stuntmen of the seventh art. Buddy Van Horn, appointed death cheat and specialist in American action films, died on May 11, 2021, at the age of 92.

Professional daredevil, he will have doubled during a career which lasted nearly six decades of the actors as prestigious as Gregory Peck, Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood. With the latter will be born a real bond that will lead Buddy Van Horn to go behind the camera to direct him in three films: It will knock (1980), Inspector Harry is the last target (1988), Pink Cadillac (1989).

Stuntman in front of the eternal on the big screen Buddy Van Horn has also left his mark on the history of American television. Admirers of Walt Disney’s gesture must remember that it was he who rode the magnificent Tornado, the noble mount of Zorro aka the unforgettable and inimitable Guy Williams, the hero of the famous series.

Wayne Van Horn, nicknamed very quickly “Buddy” (the friend in the language of Molière), was born on August 20, 1928 in California. His veterinarian father, passed on to him from his earliest childhood, his passion for horses. Buddy will tell all his life that it is alongside the author of his days, perched on his pony walking the Californian hills and canyons, that he will learn to master the art of equestrianism and develop his taste for action and adventure.

Emeritus rider, fencer, fearless and flawless stuntman, Buddy Van Horn will enrich his palette at the end of his career by becoming a designer and fitter of perilous scenes. Cinema experts will not forget that in 2008, he participated in the adventure of Gran Torino, one of Clint Eastwood’s best films. Gran … like the big, the very big stuntman Buddy Wayne Van Horn.

When Buddy Van Horn rode Tornado, Zorro’s dark horse


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