Death of American actor Frank McRae, James Bond’s friend in “License to Kill”

Died of a heart attack at the age of 80, he was also known to have given the reply to Sylvester Stallone in Rocky 2.

American actor Frank McRae, best known for playing the role of Sharkey in the James Bond film License to kill, died on April 29, in San Monica, of a heart attack, his stepdaughter, Suzanne McRae confirmed to the magazine Variety . He was 80 years old.

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, this former American football player, including the Chicago Bears and the Los Angeles Rams, subsequently took advantage of his imposing stature – he measured nearly two meters – in his acting profession. Graduated in history and theater from Tennessee State University, it was in his thirties that he finally opted for the cinema, taking on roles of badass as in FIST, High security, The Tavern of Hell or Rocky 2 alongside Sylvester Stallone. In all, his career is marked by more than forty films.

But it is especially in James Bond that he marks the spirits across the Atlantic. Released in 1989, License to kill stars Timothy Dalton, as the handsome British spy, and McRae, who plays a close friend of Agent 007. The actor also appeared in Last Action Hero, where he gave the line to Arnold Schwarzenegger and parodied his own role in the film 48 Hours. In 1973, he played in the feature film Dillinger, named after the gangster John Dilinger, and whose life will again be adapted with Public Enemies, with Johnny Depp.

The actor, prolific between the 1970s and 1990s, had been more discreet since the 2000s and was enjoying his Californian retirement. He leaves behind a son, Marcellus, and three grandchildren: Camden, Jensen and Holden.

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