Death of actress Anna Gaylor, Alain Jessua’s muse and actress in The Visitors

The actress, who studied at the Conservatory alongside Jean Rochefort, Jean-Pierre Marielle and Jean-Paul Belmondo, died at the age of 89.

His mischievous smile and his subtle acting have made many comedies and dramas happy. The actress Anna Gaylor, noticed in the committed works of Alain Jessua (Life upside down, Shock treatment, Armageddon, Dogs…) and in very popular films like Visitors or more recently The Heart of Men died on September 20 at the age of 89.

It was the director Aytl Jensen who announced the sad news on his Instagram account, paying him a first tribute: “She had been a close friend for years. She was a beautiful, sensitive and touching person. I’m so sad. Rest in peace my Anna of love. I already miss you.The actress, still active, had just played, for him, his own character in a sitcom entitled The Adventures of Aytl Jensen.

From tragedy to comedy

Anna Senioutovitch, her name in the city, was born on May 13, 1932 in Paris. She took classes at the Conservatoire in Paris in the early fifties. She rubbed shoulders with troublemakers from the famous band of Jean-Paul Belmondo such as Jean-Pierre Marielle, Jean Rochefort, Pierre Vernier and other Georges Beaune.

After making his debut as it should on the stage in 1952 in You can never say by George Bernard Shaw, the young actress obtains two important roles in two films produced across the Channel: The Seven Thunders (Seven thunders) by Argentinian Hugo Fregonese in 1957 and then the following year, Dating in Kenya (Nor the Moon by Night) by Englishman Ken Annakin.

Anna Gaylor and Stephen Boyd in The Seven Thunders by Hugo Fregonese in 1957 Leemage / Everett

In 1961, she married director Alain Jessua. For the cinema, aware of his talents as an interpreter, he decided to make her his muse by giving her important roles in his films. Anna Gaylor will work no less than eight under his direction in 1964 (Life upside down) to 1988 (In all innocence) in works where her talents as a tragedian were revealed with as much force as subtlety.

A formidable actress in drama, Anna Gaylor also loved to bring the funniest comedies to life. She plays from the 70s in the best of the genre, often under the direction of Philippe de Broca. We will see her, often facetious, embodying outstanding supporting roles in films as popular as The incorrigible (1975), where she reunites with Belmondo, Tender Chicken (1978), The Cavalier (1979), We stole Jupiter’s thigh (1980). In 1993, Jean-Marie Poiré, who knew his comic talents, entrusted him with the character of Thibaude de Montfaucon, the mother of Godefroy, count of Montmirail, in Visitors.

In the 2000s, the cinema did not forget it. Marc Esposito chooses her to play Marie, Manu’s mother in The Heart of Men. She will participate in both suites, because this actress of the heart had become essential to this story of friends of the 21st century.


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