Death miss Youssef Shaaban after his infection with Corona

The Egyptian media confirmed the death of the artist Youssef Shaaban, at the age of 90, a short while ago, in a Cairo hospital, after being infected with the Corona virus. Shaaban was infected with Corona virus last week, and subsequently entered a hospital in Mohandessin, after his health deteriorated, and was transferred to the intensive care unit at Agouza Hospital.

Shaaban was born in the Shubra neighborhood of Cairo in 1931, and his father is a famous advertising designer in the Egyptian Gazette company. He received his basic education in Ismailia School, and secondary education in Al-Tawfiqia. Police College or War College.

He began his cinematic career in 1961 with the movie “In Our Home is a Man” with Omar Sharif and director Barakat, and then his cinematic work went to more than 110 films. He won many local and international awards, and in 1995 he decided to move away from the cinematic field and settle for one or two series a year to focus on his new mission as a captain of actors.

The late artist presented more than 130 series, most notably “The Family and People, Shahd and Tears, in two parts, the Wedge,” and starred in the series “Raafat Al-Hagan” brilliantly in his performance of the character “Mohsen Mumtaz”, and other series that are still stuck in the minds of the Arab audience. Youssef Shaaban presented a strange series in which he excelled in the Egyptian dialect, which is the Jordanian series “Wadha and Ibn Ajlan”, which was considered the most watched in the Gulf countries, Jordan and Syria at the time, and was co-starring from Syria Salwa Saeed, and Jordan Nabil Al-Mashini, along with a constellation of Jordanian actors And the great Syrians.

His wife is the Kuwaiti woman, Iman Khaled Al-Shariaan. He has a daughter Zainab and his son Murad, and he has a daughter named “Sinai” from his ex-wife Nadia Ismail Shirin, daughter of Princess Fawzia, bint Fuad I, the sister of King Farouk.


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