Death miss the Syrian director Kokesh

The Syrian director Alaa Eddin Kokesh passed away yesterday, at the age of 78.

Kokesh spent his last years inside a home for the elderly, and his body was buried until his final resting place yesterday afternoon in the Syrian capital.

A number of Syrian artists and directors were keen to mourn the late “Kokesh”, most notably Tim Hassan, who mourned him through his Twitter account for social networking, saying: “May God have mercy on the prominent director, Alaeddin Kokesh, the maker of many beautiful, varied and well-established Syrian works in our memory. My condolences to his generous family and all his loved ones.

Technical stature

The Syrian actor Ayman Zidan mourned the late director through his account on the “Facebook” social networking site, saying: “Here is an artful stature that is stepping off the onset of life … director and friend Alaeddin Kokesh .. Goodbye.”

The Syndicate of Syrian Artists in Damascus also made sure to mourn the late director through a post on the Facebook site, shared by his brother Omar Kokesh.

The career of the late director Alaa El-Din Kokesh is rich in many television works that are immortal in the memory of the Syrian viewer, such as “Al-Qasr Neighborhood” and “Asaad Al-Warraq”.

Among his most prominent works in the eighties and nineties are: “Waddah al-Yaman,” “Family Experiences,” “The Wolves,” and “Abu Kamel,” and from his recent series “Al-Bayt Asrar” and the first part of “People of the Raya” and “Men of Glory.”

Sheikh of Directors

Kokesh’s last work was directed by the series “Al-Qurban”, which was shown in 2014, starring Rasheed Assaf and Amal Arafa, who called him through her Twitter account: “The sheikh of directors, Professor Alaa El-Din Kokesh, has passed away .. My condolences to his family and loved ones .. God bless his soul”.

Apart from his specialization in the field of directing, “Kokesh” has participated in Syrian films and series, including “The Deceived” and “The Remaining” films, and the series “Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi” and “Cleopatra”, and his last TV participation was represented in the series “Chicago Street” 2020.

Alaeddin Kokesh also participated in writing the last plays of the Syrian artist Duraid Lahham.


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