Death at 88 of Marc Dudicourt, Flambart in Vidocq and accomplice of Philippe de Broca

DISAPPEARANCE – He played in the cinema for Jean-Luc Godard, Louis Malle, Yves Robert … And became famous at the beginning of the 70s in the skin of the unforgettable rival of the policeman-thug camped by Claude Brasseur.

His grand duke gaze allowed him to play everything. Concierge, police inspector or colorful quidam, for the big cinema, for the theater and of course for television which made him famous in Vidocq in the early 1970s, Marc Dudicourt was still as facetious as he was fair. The actor, who was going to celebrate his 89th birthday in a few days, passed away on May 1, according to the Cinécomédies site which immediately paid tribute to his talent in a message posted on Twitter: “… Marc Dudicourt has toured with the greatest comedy directors including Philippe de Broca, Jean-Paul Rappeneau, Yves Robert and Édouard Molinaro. Our condolences to his family and loved ones.

Marc Dudicourt was born on May 6, 1932 in Amiens. This illustrator’s son is first of all passionate about the genius of Walt Disney and his animated film productions. He first worked in the drawing studio of Jean Image in Paris. But this young man full of life is quickly grabbed by the demon of the scene. He took classes at the TNP (National Popular Theater) where he was given the opportunity to play alongside Maria Casares and Alain Cuny. The stage virus was contracted and he first joined the Comédie de l’Est then the Villeurbanne theater where, alongside Roger Planchon, whom he considered his master, he refined his art of interpretation.

The great directors of comedies perceive its capacity to bring to life roles which seem, often wrongly, secondary. Philippe de Broca, one of the leaders of the genre, has him play in five of his films. Every time, whether in The King of Hearts or The Incorrigible his appearance will be remarkable and noticed. With a simple joke or a perfectly executed reply, Marc Dudicourt knows how to bring his characters to life.

But it was television that made him famous. It is the heyday of the famous Pierre Sabbagh show At the Theater tonight. Before his incarnation of Inspector Flambart, full of weakness, in The New Adventures of Vidocq, in 1971, does not make him one of the most popular figures of the ORTF.

Still out of breath, behind a train facing the flamboyant Vidocq camped by Claude Brasseur, Dudicourt-Flambart was perfect. With this astonishing interpretation, which returned by the magic of the small screen, in all the hearths of France and Navarre, Marc Dudicourt registered forever his name in the list of the essential and great supporting roles of the cinema.

A report in 1970 on the set of Vidocq : with Marcel Bluwal, Claude Brasseur, Marc Dudicourt …


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