David Hasselhoff campaigns for vaccination in Germany

The hero ofBaywatch and K 2000 recorded a video for the German Ministry of Health in which he calls on the population to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

David Hasselhoff, the heroic rescuer Mitch Buchannon ofBaywatch, appears in a video published by the German Ministry of Health in which he calls for vaccination against the coronavirus.

In this clip the American actor, with forceful gestures, urges the Germans to protect themselves against the disease by declaring straight away, in the language of Goethe: “Aermel hoch! (roll up your sleeve, in French)“. And a few hours after its publication, proof that David Hasselhoff’s notoriety is still strong, the little film will have already been seen more than 200,000 times on social networks.

Like a powerful symbol, this little film was shot in a setting inspired by the title Looking for Freedom, a record that will become in Germany the anthem, as spontaneous as it is popular, of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The mocking Germans

A true international icon, David Hasselhoff, now 68 years old, justified in this video shot for the German Ministry of Health his health commitment: “ I, David Hasselhoff, am meant to be a hero thanks to Malibu Alert, my role as Knight Rider in K 2000 and also my involvement in the fall of the Berlin Wall. But now I say with humility that I have regained my freedom by getting the vaccine. So you too by imitating me, you will be able to find your freedom.“And joining the action to the word, the actor did not hesitate to show the bandage proving that he had been vaccinated. This health clip was not unanimous across the Rhine, far from it. Many Germans mockingly recalled that they were still waiting for an appointment to be vaccinated.

David Hasselhoff’s video comes out as Germany initially experienced a slow start to roll out vaccination. Today the health system across the Rhine seems to have caught up some of its delay. About 47% of the population has now received at least one dose.

David Hasselhoff’s call for vaccination in Goethe’s language


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