Daval trial: A request for “forgiveness” and 25 years in prison

No reaction. Neither on the face of the accused, nor in the hall of the Assize Court. The 25-year prison sentence has just been announced by the president and Jonathann Daval shows no particular emotion. He puts on his mask, just exchanges a few words with his lawyers. Three hours earlier, just before the court and the jurors left to deliberate, he had said the same word twice, “ sorry, sorry », Looking in the direction of Alexia’s family, his wife he killed in 2017.

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There you have it, the Daval trial is over. At the end of a day when each side threw its last strength into the battle. It is 9:30 am on Saturday, November 21 when the Advocate General rises. And from the first words of Emmanuel Dupic, we know what will be the angle of attack of the accusation. “In the name of the French people, and not in the name of public opinion, you are going to judge a particularly appalling crime (…) A conjugal crime case that has become emblematic in view of all this media coverage”, launches the magistrate, evoking the “Ordeal of a married woman”.

A man in the ” all might

The Advocate General continues by recalling that a woman “Dies every 2.5 days on average in France today” in connection with a spousal murder. And although this was not really demonstrated by the five days of hearing, Emmanuel Dupic is convinced: if Jonathann Daval killed his wife, it is “Because she wanted to leave him, quite simply”. The crime of a “Man, in mastery, in control. And in the omnipotence in front of his companion who wants to leave him but who will not leave him. “

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Then, Emmanuel Dupic begins to climb the path that will lead him to the pain that, in a few minutes, he will claim. “In France, it is our representatives in Parliament who decide on the sentences that judges can pronounce”, he explains by specifying that, since a law of 1992, a conjugal murder is punishable by criminal imprisonment for life. “When things go wrong with a couple, we divorce, we separate. But we don’t kill. It is to recall this evidence and protect women that this sentence has been planned ”, believes Emmanuel Dupic.

According to the prosecution, there were three deaths in this case. The first, according to the Advocate General, is that given by beatings and strangulation. The second is that of the cremation of Alexia Daval’s body. And the “Third death” is that of the family of the young woman who, for six months, was accused by Jonathann Daval of having killed her before organizing the disappearance of the body. And it is in the name of these “three dead” that perpetuity is claimed by Emmanuel Dupic.

The defense response

Perpetuity? Me Randall Schwerdorffer retaliates as soon as he is given the floor. And. He bangs hard. “Life is a sentence that we demand against the most dangerous criminals in society, that which was pronounced for people who did the worst, Francis Heaulme, Fourniret, Marc Dutroux, Guy Georges ”, says Jonathann Daval’s lawyer.

And very quickly, we feel that this lawyer, tall, massive, with a strong voice, does not want to fall into what has earned him so many criticisms after the confession of his client in January 2018: evoking the personality “Authoritarian” and “Dominatrix” Alexia Daval to explain the passage to the act of a humiliated and belittled husband. “To say that is to smear victims of domestic violence and make them responsible for what happens to them”, had then reacted many feminists, just like this week, at the helm, Isabelle Fouillot, Alexia’s mother.

He is not the one who goes home and beats his wife ”

So, Me Schwerdorffer is wary of any attack that is too frontal. He evokes an unhappy Alexia Daval in the face of her relationship problems and her husband’s elusive behavior. Based on the file, the lawyer nevertheless notes that, in recent months, the young woman was verbally aggressive.

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“But in our liberticidal and moralist society, simply daring to say that Alexia insulted Jonathann, it is to insult him”, observes the lawyer, inviting everyone to look at the facts. “It’s not sullying Alexia’s image to say that she was a woman like you and me with her qualities and her faults”, chain Me Schwerdorffer. The facts again to say that all the witnesses assured that Jonathann Daval was not a violent man. “He’s not the one who comes home and beats his wife because he thinks she belongs to him. He’s not like that “, insists the lawyer by refuting the idea of ​​a “Crime of possession”. Just like the thesis of a separation, at the origin of a passage to the act.

For mee Schwerdorffer, he “Just passed something that night” who prompted Jonathann Daval to be “Violent once in a lifetime”. Insults, a hurtful remark? “We all agree that we do not kill a woman for a remark, nor a man for that matter. But it happens and, without excusing, we try to understand. Because to judge is to understand ”, launches the lawyer by pleading the ” a fit of rage “ of a “Ordinary man”. In the end, sentenced to 25 years in prison and who decided not to appeal this decision.


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