Dany Boon in full swing with four films by the end of 2021

A Beautiful Race, 8 rue de l’Humanité, Murder Mystery 2… In an interview on RTL, the actor, screenwriter and director announced to shoot several feature films by the end of the year.

We don’t stop Dany Boon anymore. Very inspired by confinement, the actor and director multiplies future projects. 8 rue de l’Humanité, a choral comedy written with his partner Laurence Arné on behalf of Netflix, is in production, while he is expected to start filmingA Beautiful Race with her “movie mom”, Line Renaud, in two weeks. The Armentiérois will also soon play in a film with the American Adam Sandler and is working on a new feature film that is still secret …

In an interview with RTL, he returned to his various projects. According to the actor, 8 rue de l’Humanité will retrace the adventures of a Parisian building during the health crisis. The idea would have come to him from a reflection at the beginning of the confinement. “Hey, it’s weird, there are people who live on the landing or the house opposite“, He explained at the microphone of Stéphane Boudsocq. It will feature a gallery of colorful characters, including a scientist played by Yvan Attal determined to find the vaccine against the coronavirus alone or a bar owner, camped by Liliane Rovère, wholesaler of homemade hydroalcoholic gel! In the casting, we will find François Damiens, Élie Semoun, Tom Leeb, Nawell Madani and Alison Wheeler to give him the answer.

Before that, the director of Welcome to the Ch’tis will pass in front of Christian Carion’s camera in the coming days for the filming ofA Beautiful Race. For this second experience with the director of Merry Christmas, he will play a taxi driver responsible for accompanying a woman in the twilight of her life to the important places of her existence. A character embodied by a Line Renaud. “She is amazing and she has this energy, this love for others, the passion for her art, her profession and life. She’s amazing for it. It is very moving for me to find myself with her and to play with her. It’s a beautiful gift of life“, did he declare.

For Netflix, Dany Boon will shoot in October in the sequel to Murder Mystery with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. After putting aside the script for his 5G comedy, Palm, he’s also working on a new project. “I’m writing something else, but I can’t talk about it. I hope to have a screenplay by July and I will start filming at the end of the year ”, he announced, still on RTL.


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