Dana Al Jassim: “stc” believes in the vital role of every individual in contributing to a sustainable future

The Kuwait Telecommunications Company (stc) has reviewed its awareness-raising initiatives that it launched through social media platforms, with the participation of a number of influencers in various fields during the holy month of Ramadan, in continuation of its Ramadan campaign “# Today_Qadar”.

The company stated in a statement that Ramadan this year included many community and humanitarian initiatives, with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of working today for a better future, noting that it used various media platforms to confirm and spread its message to reach the largest number of followers, as part of its strategy Sustainable community service in the best possible way.

In its Ramadan campaign, “stc” used a group of influential people on social media sites, including Abdul-Muttalib Nazir “Talub”, who presented to the followers a variety of interesting topics, carrying a message of optimism and encouragement for positive practices that benefit the individual and society.

Fahad Al-Bishara, who presented a variety of life advice to followers, and motivational words urging success within the framework of the “# Today – We Can Be Successful” initiative.

Under the title “# Today-We Can Show a Healthy Beginning Sports”, Muhammad Al-Dulaimi and Abdullah Al-Mutawa from the Force Sports Club presented a set of exercises that suit different age groups and interests, and help achieve a healthy and fruitful lifestyle, especially during the holy month.

On the other hand, and under the slogan “# Today-We Can Enjoy the Weather of Ramadan at the Breakfast Table,” the community initiative that was launched through the “stc” social platforms witnessed the participation of Chef Badr Al-Shayji, who offers a variety of recipes and meals that are suitable for the holy month.

The platforms also witnessed a series of special contests and raffles during the Girqian activities, which will continue until Eid al-Fitr, and include the distribution of valuable gifts to their followers, especially on the company’s “Instagram” account.

Dana Faisal Al Jassim, Director General of Corporate Communications Department at “stc”, said that the company believes in the vital and important role of every individual in society in order to contribute to paving the way for a sustainable and supportive future for the young generation.

She indicated that by playing its role in supporting society and protecting the environment, the company is able to achieve its broader goal of making the world a better place, and that it is up to everyone to take advantage of the opportunities that surround them today, noting that the above constitutes the message that the company is trying to convey through its campaign. Today we appreciate.

Future prospects

Al-Jassem stated that the “# Today_Qadr” campaign involves achieving sustainable results and bearing future horizons, and aims to spread awareness of the importance of working today for a better tomorrow, whether by supporting society or seizing opportunities, pointing out that it includes a number of media and advertising campaigns and events. Internal and external on the scale of the regional “stc” group.

Al-Jassim explained that within the framework of its regional campaign, “stc Kuwait” focused on highlighting the importance of work today, whether it was to eradicate hunger, end the epidemic, educate the needy, or take advantage of an opportunity that could ultimately change the lives of others, revealing that it has been done. Launching a TV advertisement across the group’s digital platforms to promote this encouraging and bold message.

Al-Jassim added that the company is constantly working to launch initiatives that contribute to supporting and empowering society, as a beautiful response to society, and a sense of responsibility towards customers and all the people of Kuwait, pointing out that despite the circumstances today, it will continue its social responsibility activities that focus on pushing society forward.

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