Dana Al Jassim: A sustainable, fruitful and supportive youth plan

Kuwait Telecommunications Company “stc” hosted a panel discussion on sustainable education as part of its strategic partnership with the online education platform “Dawrat”, on the occasion of World Education Day, which is celebrated on January 24, with the participation of representatives from entities and institutions who expressed their views on the importance of sustainable education. .

stc hosted the educational event at its headquarters in Olympia Tower, in the presence of a number of educational leaders to participate, discuss and cover important topics related to the local educational system.

Liang and Mohamed Owais Sheikh

The event included speakers from representatives of “Dawrat”, the Kuwait Association for Learning Differences (KALD), the “Advocates Group” Academy for Private Training, Dasman Bilingual School, Kuwait University and the Ministry of Education.

The members of the committee exchanged their views and opinions regarding the topics discussed during the session, which reflect one of the main pillars behind stc’s comprehensive corporate social responsibility program, which is education.

The CEO of “Durat” Mohammed Al-Sariye and trainer Abdullah Al-Sane joined the panel discussion. Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Issa Jassim and teacher Fatima Al-Dhafiri also participated in the panel discussion as representatives of “KALD”.

The CEO of the Advocates Academy, Attorney Mohamed Jamil, participated in the session along with the Executive Vice President of the Academy, Hessa Al-Awda, the supervisor from Dasman Bilingual School, Summer Desman, the Principal of the Preparatory School, Rehab Abdel-Khalek, and the Executive Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Rana Masouh.

Student Maryam Al-Kandari joined the committee from Kuwait University, as the speakers also included teacher Faisal Al-Baridi and students Hadeel Al-Shammari and Abdullah Al-Jammaz, who represented the Ministry of Education in the discussion.

Dana Al-Jassem, Director General of Corporate Communications at stc, said that the company is proud to host this media discussion in the presence of academic leaders, to highlight the importance of enriching the local education system, through ideal development techniques.

She added that by playing its role as pioneers of digital transformation in the telecommunications sector in Kuwait, and as a supporter of digital transformation, stc believes that it is necessary to develop a sustainable plan that proves to be fruitful and supportive of the younger generation, whether through education, economic development or other sectors. that affect society, to raise awareness of the need to implement sustainable strategies today for a brighter tomorrow.

She stressed that it is important to involve several educational institutions in this purposeful initiative, which focuses on the importance of education, because of its greater impact on society, to achieve the goals of the dynamic corporate social responsibility program, stressing that stc will continue to explore innovative ways to contribute effectively to the development of society. and economy.

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