Curious statue again

In late November and early December, news of the mysterious metal obelisk that had appeared in various places in the world spread to social media.

It seems that the appearance of strange things in unexpected places will become commonplace, especially because of their ambiguities or circumstances, as is the case with the head of the huge, mysterious statue that appeared in Russia recently.

Social media was buzzing with an image revealing the head of a mysterious statue, seemingly ancient, on the shores of Vasilievsky Island in Saint Petersburg earlier last December, but no one knew where it came from, until now.

A piece of art

As it turns out, it is a strange piece of art, found on a sandy beach in front of the looming Soviet-era apartment buildings. The mysterious head of the statue reminds locals of surrealism of Salvador Dali’s paintings, while others have seen references to the movie “Lord of the Rings” or the famous head statue in the Krakow region, Poland.

The ambiguity of the statue’s appearance added to the statue’s appeal, as locals joked that someone had “lost his head” in that area, according to the English-language “The Moscow Times” newspaper.

Mysterious Origins

The local news site MR7 recently revealed the head’s mysterious origins, noting that it was located in the offices of another news site in Saint Petersburg, the news site “Subaka”.

The news site stated that the statue, made of a slightly rigid foam material, was first found near a garbage bin on Uralskaya Street, near Subaka offices last spring, before it disappeared for months, and reappeared on Vasilievsky Island on December 10. .


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