Culture comes to us: our selection in times of reconfinement

► Screens

♦ François Morel takes off with Raymond Devos

With his pianist Antoine Sahler, François Morel revives with poetry, charm and delicacy the unique humor of Raymond Devos. A verbal feast punctuated by the voice of the master of the absurd falling from the hangers …

♦ The “Autumn Comedy”, remedy for melancholy

The Comédie-Française offers confined spectators the opportunity to discover the work of its artists, thanks to three meetings broadcast live on Facebook. From Monday to Saturday, a unique interview with the actors, a reading of Proust aloud and the beginnings of a play.

♦ On the road to Lhasa, the crying woman

This first feature film by Sonthar Gyal, offers, through the spiritual and religious journey of a seriously ill woman, to hear the dialects of Tibet, to discover the sumptuous expanse of unexpected landscapes, or to observe the changes social. Available in VOD on ciné

♦ “The Crown” season 4: intruders at Buckingham Palace

Less successful than the previous ones, the fourth season of the series dedicated to the reign of Elizabeth II addresses the Thatcher years and the relationship between the Prince of Wales and Diana. Watch on Netflix.

♦ “On the rocks”, memories of our fathers

Seventeen years later Lost in Translation, Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola reunite for a comedy that explores the confrontation between two generations that no longer understand each other. Available on Apple TV +.

♦ The French impressionists seen from Potsdam

Unable to receive visitors, the Barberini Museum in Potsdam has been offering digital guided tours of its permanent exhibition for two weeks. The offer is very successful.

♦ “Antidisturbios”, police officers trapped in violence

A breathtaking mini-series directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen which deals with the daily life of an anti-riot squad, one of whose interventions turns into a drama, and intelligently questions a subject of burning topicality. Available on Polar + and MyCanal.

Exhibition: Matisse, a life in color

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Matisse’s birth, the Center Pompidou is offering a virtual tour and a podcast, designed around the museum’s retrospective and which invite to reread the career of the giant of modern art.

♦ “Le Jeu de la Dame”, the series which encourages diversity in chess clubs

The mini-series follows Elizabeth Harmon’s trajectory, from the orphanage to 5-star palaces where she becomes the world queen of the chessboard. Available on Netflix.

♦ “Intimate Beethoven”, the unique

Priscilla Pizzato’s documentary follows the chronological thread, from childhood in Bonn until the death of the author of the IXe Symphony, March 26, 1827. Classically made, the film has the rare merit of replacing the usual historical “reconstructions” by the elegant and poetic use of graphic boards, sometimes discreetly animated. Available in replay on Arte.

♦ Oriental enchantment on the Lacinetek platform

The Lacinetek video-on-demand cinephile platform offers a selection of films for the holidays. Among them, The Adventures of Prince Ahmed, a masterpiece of animated cinema.

♦ “The Singing Club”, a choir by Pénélope

A dramatic comedy, as funny as it is moving, about the wives of British soldiers who have gone into battle and who try their hand at singing. Available on Canal + Première, the new label created by the channel to offer exclusive works.

► Music

♦ A thrill of sweetness for Melody Gardot

A bewitching voice that caresses us, a luxurious instrumental accompaniment and a distinguished guest … Sunset in the Blue, Melody Gardot’s new album is a sound balm, calm and radiant, in these uncertain times. A Decca / Universal CD.

♦ ARTE Concert Festival, behind the screens but in front of the stage

Arlo Parks, Juliette Armanet, Sébastien Tellier, Matt Berninger, Yelle… Three musical evenings online to be found in replay on the Arte site.

♦ Chuck Prophet, a committed song for the United States

Between folk and rock, blues and country, the musician explores the soul of America. The Land that Time Forgot by Chuck Prophet, a Yep Roc CD.

♦ With Rameau’s “Hippolyte et Aricie”, the Opéra-Comique ajar

A new production ofHippolyte and Aricie de Rameau, directed by Raphaël Pichon and directed by Jeanne Candel, was performed behind closed doors and in front of Arte’s cameras. To see in replay on

♦ “Rossini, manual” by Chantal Cazaux: the multiple profiles of an opera giant

A guide that makes us discover the immense talent of the author of The Barber of Seville. From Éditions Première Loges.

♦ Adrien La Marca, prince of the viola

Experienced by the confinement imposed on music for many months, the violist Adiren La Marca wanted, in his new CD, to celebrate the heroic dimension of his instrument of which he is, undoubtedly, one of the most remarkable current defenders.

♦ John Lennon honored in an essential box

John Lennon, honored with a box set of 36 songs, is still one of the most revived artists in the world forty years after his assassination.

► Books

♦ “Our unexpected brothers” by Amin Maalouf: alone in the world

Dystopia made of humor and scathing criticism, Amin Maalouf’s new novel takes us into an epic and chilling scenario. A book published by Grasset.

♦ “Consolation”, by Anne-Dauphine Julliand: the life after

Anne-Dauphine Julliand evokes the indescribable suffering after the death of her two daughters but also tells us that consolation is possible. From Les Arènes editions.

♦ “Impossible”, Erri de Luca confronts the mountain

Erri De Luca creates a dialogue between a young judge and an old defendant, two beings who are completely opposed, in a singular and masterful story, at Gallimard.

♦ “The body and its reasons”, Jean Starobinski deciphers the stuff of men

A work brings together the writings on medicine of the great historian of ideas Jean Starobinski who knew how to look at the body with a wisdom without blinders, at the Threshold.

♦ Follow Jesus in the text

Two works intended for the general public which invite the reader to keep his Bible open and to question the Scriptures, published by L’Atelier.

♦ “The Great Test”, by Étienne de Montety: recounting the assassination of Father Hamel

This beautiful novel celebrating a figure of an ordinary priest, inspired by that of Father Jacques Hamel, through a life of fidelity and service, received the Grand Prix du roman from the Académie française.

♦ The Goncourt prize: “The anomaly”, by Hervé Le Tellier

Everything seduces in this virtuoso novel, from the writing to a thrilling plot that intersects the destinies of characters all grappling with an inconceivable “anomaly”.

♦ The Renaudot prize to Marie-Hélène Lafon, for “Histoire du fils”

In this novel, her eleventh, the author tells the story of the destiny and descendants of a child born to an unknown father, thus exploring a dizzying family labyrinth. Marie-Hélène Lafon received the Renaudot Prize.

♦ The Goncourt for high school students 2020 for Djaïli Amadou Amal and “Les Impatientes”

Written by Cameroonian author Djaïli Amadou Amal for Emmanuelle Colas editions, The impatient plunges into the hell of forced marriages and polygamy in the Sahel.

♦ When the comic tells about the first wave of the coronavirus

The beginnings of the health crisis are told in three albums. Two interns, an infectious disease specialist and a patient deliver their version of the Covid-19 storm.

♦ Christmas 2020, the selection of books from “La Croix”

From a beautiful book of African photography to a collection of haiku, fourteen journalists from The cross offers their idea of ​​a book to give for Christmas.


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