Craig Gillespie: “I’m attracted to misfits!”

INTERVIEW – Captivated by fringe characters, the Australian director signs a supercharged musical film about the bitchiest of Disney heroines, Cruella.

From American independent cinema, Australian-born director Craig Gillespie is best known for directing Me, Tonya, that squeaky comedy about controversial skater Tonya Harding. At 53, he signs a supercharged musical film, a bit transgressive on the most bitchy of Disney heroines. Gray cap screwed on the head, he explains it with disconcerting frankness.

LE FIGARO. – What memories do you have of the classic Disney 101 Dalmatians released in 1961?

Craig GILLESPIE. – I especially remember Cruella d’Enfer, this extravagant villain with her threatening cigarette holder and her two-tone hair in firecracker, as if passed in the breath of a hurricane. And, I admit, it’s bad, but I haven’t seen the movie with Glenn Close…

How do you explain that Hollywood cinema today is more interested in the bad guys than the good guys?

Quite simply because the ugly people of American pop culture are full of trauma. Nothing more exciting

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