Covid-19: stuntman Rémy Julienne in intensive care

The accomplice of Jean-Paul Belmondo, adjuster of many of his automobile stunts, now 90 years old, is hospitalized after contracting the coronavirus.

Stuntman Rémy Julienne, adjuster of Belmondo’s prowess in The Guignolo and The Ace of Aces – among a thousand others – was put into intensive care at Montargis hospital, not far from his dear village of Cepoy where he has always lived, after contracting the coronavirus.

Now 90 years old, the former motorcycle champion who became a stunt adjuster because he had a taste for risk and performance deep down, is perhaps leading his hardest fight. It was his friend the cardiologist Jean-Pierre Door, LR deputy for Loiret where the stunt master resides, who announced this disturbing news on his Facebook account on January 11: “When Rémi Julienne is fighting against Covid 19, I remember that day when the inauguration of the Place de Cepoy which bears his name brought together personalities from the cinema. I am obviously thinking of Bébel and his friend Charles Gérard who has unfortunately left us since ”.

France 3 Régions Center-Val-de-Loire which follows with anguish the state of health of this child of the country that Rémy Julienne adds that “Jean-Pierre Door regularly visits Rémy Julienne”.

Belmondo the Magnificent and James Bond

A man of action cinema, accomplice of Georges Lautner and of course of the intrepid Jean-Paul Belmondo, trimmer of six James Bond automotive stunts, Rémy Julienne has devoted his life to the conception of highly spectacular scenes. Before the development of digital special effects, this specialty will make the heyday of the seventh for three decades from 1960 to 1990.

Rémy Julienne began his career as a conductor of cinematic aerobatics in the film Fantômas by André Hunebelle in 1964. In his fifty-year career, he has worked with the greatest French directors and actors. Gerard Oury (The brain, 1969; The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob, 1973), Philippe de Broca (The King of Hearts, 1966; Their heels, 1971), François Truffaut (The American night, 1972), Claude Lelouch (Adventure is adventure, 1972; A lifetime, 1974), Yves Boisset (Heat wave, 1983), Leos Carax (Bad blood, 1986) and especially Georges Lautner with whom he shot about fifteen films (Sorrel flower, 1967; Pasha, 1968; A few gentlemen too quiet, 1972; We will have seen it all, 1976; Death of a rotten, 1977; Cops and robbers, 1979; The Guignolo, 1980; the professional, nineteen eighty one ; Happy Easter, 1984).

His international career took off when Rémy Julienne was asked by the British Peter Collinson in 1969 to shoot Gold is bar (The Italian Job). This film will be a real springboard. The Mini Cooper scene remained memorable.
Many international collaborations followed (Dino Risi, Alberto Lattuada, Terence Young, Sydney Pollack, Sergio Leone, Ron Howard) including six James Bond (Just for your eyes – which won him an award in 1981 – Octopussy, Dangerously yours, Killing is not playing, License to kill and GoldenEye).

More than two years ago, Rémy Julienne came to Figaro to tell us about his stunts with Jean-Paul Belmondo and Roger Moore …


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