Covid-19: download the necessary certificate for any travel during the curfew

♦ Who is affected by the curfew?

The curfew announced Wednesday by Emmanuel Macron is applied throughout the Ile-de-France region and in eight cities: Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Aix-Marseille, Montpellier, Rouen, Saint-Étienne and Toulouse. This represents 19.2 million French people, or about a third of the population.

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The curfew has been in effect since saturday 17 october for a period of at least four weeks. This period may be extended by two weeks with the approval of Parliament.

Covid-19: download the necessary certificate for any travel during the curfew

A fine of € 135 is intended for people who do not respect the curfew. In the event of a repeat offense, this will amount to € 1,500 and, at the end of the third offense, to € 3,750, a fine to which will be added a 6-month prison sentence.

♦ Which sectors are exempt from curfews in the affected areas?

Some establishments are exempt from closing at 9 p.m.: health, reception structures for the most precarious people, hotels, restaurants making the home delivery, public establishments that provide service in the evening and at night, such as police stations where the firefighters.

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♦ In which cases is a certificate necessary?

Several types of travel are authorized during the curfew, on condition that a certificate of exemption is presented: for reasons professional (night or evening work), for reasons of health (going to the hospital, the pharmacy or the doctor, going to a loved one in a situation of dependency) or to walk his pet.

On the other hand, for people taking a train or plane that arrives or leaves after 9 p.m., their ticket “Will be worth derogation” and it will not be necessary to bring a certificate. Public transport will continue to operate during the curfew, to ensure the movement of those affected by the exemptions.

♦ Where can I find the certificate?

Here is the certificate required for any travel during the curfew:

Also click on this link to download the certificate

You can print the certificate, download it to your phone or write it down on plain paper. It is valid for one hour outside of professional reasons.

For those who work and need to be outside after 9:00 p.m., the work certificate is not enough. It is necessary to also present a proof of business or their professional card (nurses, liberal staff, journalists, etc.).


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