Covid-19 Accelerates Digital Transformation in Work

According to a report issued by the World Economic Forum that the digital revolution will require vigorous adjustment efforts to preserve jobs, indicating that nearly half of employees must hone their skills to stay in the job market.

The Covid-19 epidemic has accelerated the transformations already underway in the field of work, according to this report focused on the future of employment in light of what the curators of the World Economic Forum, which is usually held in Davos, Switzerland, describe the “fourth industrial revolution.”

The report’s authors confirm in a statement that “what was considered the ‘future of work’ has been evident,” noting that the recession caused by the health crisis “brought about a change in the labor market faster than expected.”

By 2025, both automation and the new distribution of roles between people and machines could affect some 85 million jobs globally. This impact may intensify, especially on the tasks that must be developed to keep pace with technological developments such as data recording, accounting and administrative transactions. But new technologies would also create nearly 97 million jobs, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, content production and healthcare.

This report, in its third edition, is based on the expectations of senior managers in companies, including managers of human resources and strategy departments in nearly 300 large companies. The curators noted that, compared to the two previous versions, the pace of job creation is slowing while the rate of job abolition is accelerating.

The Director-General of the World Economic Forum, Saadia Zahidi, noted that the health crisis “has exacerbated existing inequality.” “The most competitive companies in the future will be those that have invested heavily in human capital and the qualifications and competencies of their employees,” she said in the statement. The report indicated that 50% of employees who will maintain their position in the next five years will need to adapt their skills.


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