Coverage of vaccination by social security

In the January 13 letter to the readers, a reader rightly welcomes the existence of our Social Security and I share this opinion. But let me add that Social Security is not a charity but an insurance. Certainly mandatory. Like any insurer, it must balance the real risk and the insured risk. It is not primarily a financial question, let alone a moral question, but a question of the fundamental balance on which its operational efficiency is based.

To ensure this balance, all insurers require their policyholders to put in place appropriate prevention and/or protection, failing which the insurance is not valid. No one would be surprised if, after a theft, insurance refused to reimburse because the door of the house is not equipped with a lock.

Quebec has decided to make the non-vaccinated pay, it’s a good idea but we must insist on the fact that it is not a fine for refusal of vaccination but an additional contribution following an increase in the level of risk due to lack of adequate prevention/protection.

Didier Cauchois


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