Courses to boost your value in the international job market

Kashish Khilnani

Personal and financial developments are key goals for all aspiring students. Securing a job aboard can definitely turn out to be a career boost along with immersive cultural exchanges. Over the past few years, global workforce requirements across the developing nations have drastically increased. This opportunity has definitely opened up avenues for developing countries like India where the students are now seen preparing themselves for this great leap in their professional growth.

A professional degree and a specialized course definitely act as added advantage when looking for an upward growth trajectory. From choosing a course, to looking for the right faculty, infrastructure and placement ratio, every aspect needs due to contemplation. Before taking the big move, you can always look for multiple options available and select the one that fits you the best, as per your needs and requirements.

Here are some courses that can be helpful in opening a gateway to a globally recognised profession.

International Accounting

Bachelors of Commerce in International Accounting or I.BCom is an exclusively designed course for an individual aspiring for a global accounting and finance career. The course is structured in a manner that it imbibes global business technical knowledge in each student, making them ready as a Global Financial Leader.

The course offers a dual degree profile for students seeking global opportunities, with core modules of ACCA Qualification along with personality grooming, analytical skills, business management and entrepreneurship. A enrolled student not only becomes a graduate in International Accounting domain, but is also professionally recognised by ACCA within a limited time span, thus enhancing capabilities for securing job opportunities across the MNCs with roles like financial analyst, fixed asset manager and fund manager amongst many others, worldwide.

Actuarial Science

The Actuarial science program prepares students for mathematical, analytical, and risk aspects of an actuary career. The course is not only for people with finance or statistical domain, but students from tech fields can apply too to adapt the future of the industry. It helps the student to know ins and outs of data, from recording, keeping to analysis. Actuarial Science graduates are in high demand worldwide for their risk management and analysis skills and are hired by the top-shot MNCs in the United States, the United Kingdom, China and Canada.


The pharmaceutical courses revolve around medical drugs, their chemical analysis, and formulation, with a specific focus on the research carried out at the respective pharmaceutical institute. Anyone interested in medicine or related field can apply for this course from a recognised university or institute. The course helps the students in developing their skills and placement in pharma companies across Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom with career pathways like Pharmacist, Chemist, Drug Therapist, Chemical Industries, and Research. With the Covid-19 outbreak, the scope for the profession has increased tremendously.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

With the rising uncertainties and the business volatility; This is a great time to uplift your career with a certified course in Enterprise Risk Management. The certification recognises you to become a Globally Certified Risk Professional so you can support organizations with maximizing profits, aligning complex business process and mitigating enterprise risk overall. Students inclined towards managing company’s varied risks in the areas of Human Resource, Finance, Operations, Cyber-security, Data management and similar can go for a risk management course at a reputed institution. On completion of the course, companies hire candidates for various job roles like equity analysts, risk analysts, Risk Specialist and Risk Officer among many others under the domain of Banking & Finance, Investment management companies, Information technology and risk mitigations etc.

Data Analytics

Data analytics course is basically finding out the trends by using and analyzing raw data. A professional data analyst can encapsulate the broad scope of this upcoming field. This technical but multi-aspect field can provide an organization a clear picture of the scopes, trends, and forecast among many other aspects. The course is a junction of various fields including IT, statistics, and business. A combination of these fields can increase and improve the discovering patterns for a data analyst. The scope of this particular field is indefinitely global.

Data Privacy

Data privacy courses are structured to prepare everyone involved in activities of protecting data with knowledge related to data governance and protection. One also learns the skill to use the risk-based tools, techniques and make an effective data protection structure for their company. The courses allow participants to take data of the organization, review, assessing the risks involved, develop real time protection policies, and align with processes and governance structure, practically on the field. The course helps secure opportunities such as data protection officers, privacy counsels, legal counsels and officers, among many others. The top IT companies are bound under their local law, to hire the data protection officer for their organization, leading to increased demands.

In this challenging global market, there is no shortage of roles and responsibilities for an international job aspirant. But a potential employer often looks for determination and commitment in a candidate to make a move and stick with it, which is professionally known as the ‘Foot in the Door’ rule.

On completion of the preferred course, you can begin to tailor your job candidate profile as per the requirements of the job market and the industry. Once you know your way around the international job market, you have all the capabilities to grab the opportunities that life has to offer.

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