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Q. I have just moved to Class XII. My subjects are physics, chemistry, biology and maths. I have scored good marks in physics and biology in Class XI, but not in maths and chemistry. I’m not that interested in maths and chemistry and want to pursue my higher studies in Canada. Which will be good courses for me there?

Pallavi Singh, Patiala

A. We are currently a part of an evolving education system that celebrates careers that complement one’s aptitude. Physics and biology are good subjects to move ahead with if they lie in your area of ​​interest. If you wish to study these subjects further, you have the opportunity to engage in numerous courses that are being offered.

Kinesiology is a field of the scientific study of human or non-human body movements. It addresses biomechanical, physiological and psychological principles and mechanisms of movement. This is a confluence of physics, biology and other subjects as well. If this lies in your area of ​​interest, there are related courses available in Canada in the following universities:

Capilano University, Vancouver, British Columbia

Acadia University – Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Brock University

Canada has been one of the prime places for higher education for Indian students. It is known for its multicultural environment and offers great job opportunities as well. Canada ranks amongst the top OECD nations in terms of state backing for higher education. If you wish to pursue your higher education there, you will have to plan for it well in advance, since it comes with certain criteria.

The first aspect that is important here is your score in Class XII board exams. Academic scores are highly considered no matter where you apply. Do focus on all subjects for now, and work on securing good marks. As a result, you will have the minimum percentage for the Class XII board examion checked.

The second aspect is language proficiency and other entrance tests. You will be required to answer exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE. It is always advisable to prepare for and subsequently attempt these exams well in advance so that you have the results available at the time of application. Academic tests such as GMAT, GRE, SAT, among others, may be required in some of the universities.

Do look out for various scholarships provided by the universities that you apply to.

The following are some physics and biology related courses that you could explore:

● University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Bachelor of Science in Biology- Augustana Campus

● The Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, Canada

BSc Biology

● University of Windsor

Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Biology

● University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada

Bachelor of Science in Physics

● Langara College, Vancouver, Canada

Associate of Science Degree in Biology

Keeping all of these aspects in mind, do take the chance of availing the quality education that Canada has to offer. There is a certain sense of responsibility that comes with pursuing education abroad. This experience will bring in novelty and will help you grow.

The writer is Chief Mentor and CEO at Maven Career Coaching

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