Council of Imams: Mohammed Moussaoui and the authorities still believe in it

It will not be said that the power does not spare its efforts to revive from its ashes the future council of imams, this structure that the Elysee calls for to lead to the certification of imams practicing on French soil.

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Receiving the representatives of the cults, Thursday, January 7, at the dawn of the new year, Emmanuel Macron himself seized the opportunity to call on the Muslim leaders to work collectively for the success of a project which, since his presentation on November 18, a flurry of criticism and awakens – more than it reveals – the deep divisions existing for nearly twenty years in institutional Islam. In this regard, the withdrawal, as abrupt as it was thunderous, on December 28 of Chems-Eddine Hafiz, the rector of the great mosque of Paris, seemed to bury forever the idea of ​​the structure desired by the Elysee. To explain his decision, the rector had notably accused a “Islamist component” CFCM to block negotiations for the writing of a “Charter of republican values” which was to be returned to the government in early December.

“Overcome our differences”

This was counting without the tenacity of the President of the Republic. “He insisted on the need to find an agreement (…) and reiterated its desire to see the CFCM endowed with this body, with a charter of values, and encouraged us to overcome the differences ”, had confided to The cross Mohammed Moussaoui, the president of the French Council of Muslim Worship, after the vows ceremony on January 7. Often presented as being the only one to believe in the project, in particular because of the pressure exerted on him by the Elysee, the latter does not depart from his optimistic line.

Asked by AFP as he came out, two days later, from a meeting with the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin Place Beauvau, Mohammed Moussaoui estimated, Saturday January 9, that ” all is not lost “, expressing his will of resume dialogue with the Great Mosque of Paris. However, no timetable has been set for a meeting between the different federations of the Muslim faith.

Place Beauvau is busy

Here again, defeatist minds would be wrong to bury the hope of an agreement too quickly, warns Place Beauvau. “Gérald Darmanin is working to bring the various partners back to the table”, confirmed to AFP the entourage of the minister. The latter also received on Saturday the two vice-presidents of the CFCM, the rector of the mosque of Paris, Chems-Eddine Hafiz, and Ibrahim Alci, said his entourage. A presage of a new twist in a dossier that looks like a play?


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