Council of Chambers: Private sector initiatives contributed to the Kingdom achieving first place in responding to the Corona pandemic

The Council of Saudi Chambers said that the Kingdom’s achievement of first place globally in the response of the government and entrepreneurs to the Corona pandemic, according to the report of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, reflects the great impact of the “Kingdom’s Vision 2030” on small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs and the private sector system.

The Council of Chambers pointed out that the Kingdom exports the countries of the world in the response of the government and entrepreneurs to the pandemic, which shows the extent of the support provided by the Kingdom’s government to the business sector, as it has stressed since the beginning of the pandemic on unlimited support for business continuity and reducing negative effects to the least possible, especially the entrepreneurship sector Business, the continuation of the economic boom, the provision of the daily needs of citizens and expatriates, and strategic planning to confront Covid 19 health, social and educational, so the “government” showed great awareness of the importance of the continued prosperity and growth of this vital sector.

The institutional bodies of the private sector, represented by the Council of Saudi Chambers and Chambers of Commerce, had launched a wide campaign for pioneering community initiatives to mitigate the economic effects of the Corona pandemic on business owners and society, which numbered 733 initiatives with a financial value of more than 3 billion riyals, including initiatives targeting entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises such as exempting Tenants from the rental value due to the conditions of closure and business disruption and solving the challenges they faced during the pandemic in coordination with government agencies, as well as an initiative launched by Saudi banks to postpone installments on small enterprises, these initiatives collectively contributed to helping entrepreneurs and small enterprises to provide liquidity during the crisis period to overcome it and maintain its presence in the market.

For his part, the Chairman of the National Committee for Entrepreneurship in the Council of Saudi Chambers, Riyadh bin Hamad Al-Zamil, said that the great interest that the Kingdom’s government attaches to the directives of its wise leadership for the business sector, reflects the readiness of the strategic plans that it has set to face crises, and that the confrontation was not a direct health and preventive only, Rather, it was in a parallel line with economic investment plans. The entrepreneurship sector played an active role in the success of these ambitious plans, which honestly reflect the activation and realization of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 on the ground.

Al-Zamil explained that the Kingdom was one of the first countries in the world to deal with the pandemic, with proactive and precautionary plans; To protect people on the territory of the Kingdom, in addition to maximizing the awareness system among members of Saudi society, and supporting economic activities to maintain economic stability and reduce the negative effects of the pandemic.

Al-Zamil praised the spirit of solidarity and harmony in the performance of state agencies during the pandemic, which had a great impact in advancing the economy, through packages of programs and initiatives that contributed to maintaining work and economic growth, with a value of more than 120 billion riyals.


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