Coronavirus has forced companies to accelerate their digital transformation

The Gulf Computers Company (GBM) revealed that many organizations in the region and the world have accelerated their efforts in the field of digital transformation as a result of the spread of the “Covid-19” pandemic, stressing the importance of the growing capacity of cloud computing to drive innovation and unleash the value of digital transformation.

This came on the sidelines of the annual summit on digital transformation organized by the company, in cooperation with its partners in the International Data Company, to explore best practices in managing public, hybrid and multiple types of cloud services, and to present how to develop and accelerate effective digital transformation strategies to enhance capabilities in light of the new reality beyond. Corona ».

Prince Mohammed bin Salman

The value focused on digital transformation and on the organizations’ trend towards adopting cloud technologies, and it took place by default, as the attendees witnessed an intense interactive experience, while everyone committed to the social distancing imposed in light of the pandemic.

The summit brought together prominent IT analysts and leaders, as well as public and private sector representatives from across the region, to discuss progress in digital transformation, and the pivotal role that cloud technologies can play in helping organizations accelerate their journey towards digital transformation.

“We are happy to be able once again to host the Digital Transformation Summit this year, albeit hypothetically, which is an achievement that has been achieved thanks to cloud technologies,” said GBM CEO Amr Rifat. “Last year we explored the digital obstacles that hinder the efforts of institutions on their journey of transformation. “This year, we expanded the circle of discussion to include the exciting journey towards cloud technologies, and how organizations can harness them to take advantage of digital transformation opportunities.”

The summit concluded with a panel discussion on charting the cloud journey, as the speakers, including the Deputy Director General of the Central Agency for Information Technology in Kuwait, Dr. Ammar Al-Hussaini, stressed the need to keep pace with technical developments, which allows companies, institutions and societies to succeed in facing the current challenges, chief among them the spread of the new Corona virus .

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