Coronavirus: for Jean Castex, France has entered “into a second strong wave”

► New local containments possible

France is “In a strong second wave” of the Covid-19 epidemic and “There can be no more relaxation”Prime Minister Jean Castex said Monday, October 12 on Franceinfo.

On the possibility of localized reconfinements, he first stressed that “General re-containment”, whose “The consequences are absolutely dramatic”, “Must be by all means avoided”. The head of government also ruled about possible local confinements that “Nothing should be excluded when we see the situation in our hospitals”.

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Toulouse and Montpellier will spend Tuesday, October 13 in the maximum alert zone due to the deterioration of indicators linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, joining other large French cities such as Paris, Aix-Marseille, Lyon, Grenoble, Saint- Étienne and Lille.

Asked if the government could, like the British government, ban gatherings of more than six people, including in private places, Jean Castex stressed that in France, “The land of public freedoms”, this is not “Legally not possible”, and called on the French to “Respect barrier gestures” including with the family.

After the Prime Minister, Emmanuel Macron will also take the floor to talk about the health situation. Wednesday October 14, the President of the Republic will give an interview to TF1 and France 2, from 7:55 p.m.

► Counterparts for business aid

Jean Castex estimated Monday that the debate on the possible counterparts of companies to aid granted under the recovery plan is “Legitimate” but must “Treat each other business by business”. “I am not saying that it is a false debate, since I told you that it was legitimate” But “It must be treated company by company, within the framework of the company social dialogue”, he insisted.

In addition, the deputies seized on Monday the first part of the finance bill for 2021, bringing tax cuts for companies in the face of the Covid-19 crisis. In total, 100 billion euros are planned to promote recovery. The left and a few LREM voices intend to demand ecological and social compensation for business aid.

► A new StopCovid application

The first version of StopCovid will soon be finished. On October 22, a new version of the French application for tracing coronavirus patients must be launched, announced Jean Castex.

→ ANALYSIS. The StopCovid application, the finding of a failure

StopCovid, in its current form, has been installed more than 2.6 million times since the start of June, significantly fewer than the UK and German apps, downloaded 16 and 18 million times respectively. According to government figures, last week only 7,969 people declared themselves positive, and 472 notifications were sent to potential contact cases.

The prime minister himself admitted on a television set at the end of September not having downloaded the application, pleading a posteriori “Honesty”. “I took a secure laptop, so I didn’t download TéléCovid (sic)”, he said on Monday, acknowledging that the app had “Not had the desired effects”.


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