Corn oil lowers cholesterol

A study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, found that eating 4 tablespoons of corn oil daily lowered cholesterol levels more than those who ate an equivalent amount of coconut oil. A 2018 study also linked the anthocyanin pigments in purple corn to improved glucose uptake and increased insulin secretion, as well as activation of the free fatty acid receptor and glucokinase, two biomarkers linked to a lower risk of diabetes.

main food

Corn is the staple food in homes all over the world, and is used in the production of corn oil, starch and corn flour, and its different-colored seeds contain nutrients that are beneficial to the body.

Corn is useful in preventing heart disease, lowering blood pressure, and activating neurons in the brain, in addition to containing high calories and a lot of vitamins and minerals, as published by the “Eight Zeit It Note” website.

healthy balance

A healthy balance of gut bacteria is essential to maintaining the health of the digestive system, and to promote the health of the whole body, and “corn” helps maintain this balance through its soluble fiber, which increases the amount of beneficial “bifido bacteria” in the digestive system.

A study published in the European Journal of Nutrition confirmed that “popcorn” contains a satiety index of 154%, compared to “white bread” that contains a satiety index of 100%. Plus, low-fat “popcorn” is more filling than high-fat potato chips.


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