Cooperation between “Zain” and “PASS” to provide the “Shamiya and Shuwaikh” Association … with solutions for safe areas

Hamad Al-Marzouq: The partnership reflects the effective cooperation between the private sector and small and medium-sized companies

Abdullah Al-Othman Al-Rashed: The first initiative of its kind at the level of the country and cooperative societies

Dhari Al-Zayed: “We are pleased to cooperate with Zain to contribute to Kuwait 2035 vision

Zain Telecom Company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Kuwaiti “PASS” platform, to provide a wide range of the latest services and solutions for safe areas in conformity with the specifications of the Ministry of Interior and linked with its systems. Traffic in the country.

The announcement of this partnership came on the sidelines of a press conference held at the headquarters of the Shamiya and Shuwaikh Co-operative Society, in the presence of the CEO of Business and Solutions at Zain Kuwait, Hamad Al-Marzouq, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Shamiya and Shuwaikh Cooperative Society, Abdullah Al-Othman Al-Rashed, and the CEO of “PASS” Dhari. Al-Zayed, in addition to the officials of the three partners.

Al-Marzouq expressed his happiness with this new partnership between “Zain”, “PASS” and the Shamiya and Shuwaikh Cooperative Society, in a renewed step within the company’s ongoing efforts to enable the digital transformation process in the country under the umbrella of Vision 2035.

Al-Marzouq indicated that “Zain” is well aware of the role of small and medium-sized companies in achieving economic and social development, as they represent a large part of the production channels in the country and a key player in the development process of our national economy, expressing his pride in partnering with “PASS”, which is one of the most prominent Kuwaiti success stories. In the sector of emerging technology companies, which is considered the first innovative system of its kind to identify vehicles in the Middle East, what enables Zain to implement the concept of safe areas with all effectiveness.

“Without a doubt, this partnership explicitly reflects effective cooperation between private sector institutions and small and medium-sized companies in Kuwait to achieve the development goals of the state, so that through this cooperation we play our pivotal role as a leading national company in the Kuwaiti private sector, by harnessing our technological capabilities to provide services,” he added. And the most advanced solutions, according to the highest international standards, in order to facilitate the continuity of the work of the various state institutions, meet their various needs, and enable them towards digital transformation, especially during the current circumstances.

Al-Marzouq explained that according to this agreement, Zain will provide a wide range of safe zone services that will be launched first in the Levantine and Shuwaikh areas, which include traffic control solutions provided by “PASS”.

He pointed out that these advanced solutions can identify vehicles through their various plates, types and colors, to instantly monitor a variety of traffic violations, such as bypassing the red signal, using non-driving lanes, illegal turns, and others, in order to enhance traffic security and reduce the chance of fatal traffic accidents.

He added that the solutions that Zain will provide in cooperation with “PASS” allow identifying speeding vehicles from a distance of one kilometer, identifying vehicles required for crimes and thefts in real time, and providing a wide range of mobile tools that allow the competent authorities to view and analyze data from anywhere. At any time, in order to achieve the speed of response and enhance the efficiency required by the security system, pointing to the conformity of the solutions with the specifications and requirements of the Ministry of Interior, as Zain will link them with the Ministry’s systems.

Security initiative

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Shamiya and Shuwaikh Cooperative Society, Abdullah Khaled Al-Othman Al-Rashed, confirmed that the association proposed the idea of ​​the security initiative in securing residential areas, which is considered the first initiative of its kind at the level of Kuwait and the cooperative societies, to install a security system at the entrances and exits of the association’s work area, indicating that it met with acceptance And the approval of the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Social Affairs to achieve more security and safety and preserve property.

He stated that the costs of this security project are estimated at approximately 100 thousand dinars, and several companies have been coordinated to implement this security system, contribute to the implementation of the security vision, and participate with the Ministry of Interior in enhancing and reassuring the security of the region.

He pointed out that contact has been made with “Zain”, which has expressed its desire to adopt this idea and its full readiness to support this project, as it represents the Kuwaiti private sector, which is a strategic partner in the development plans and one of the main pillars and pillars of its implementation.

Al-Othman Al-Rashed stated that the Interior Ministry, in coordination with the Federation of Consumer Cooperative Societies, circulated the initiative of the Shamiya Society, which in turn circulated the initiative to all cooperative societies in Kuwait, to follow its approach to the necessity of implementing the security vision and participation and contributing to increasing security and safety and protecting private and public property.

Digital partnerships

Al-Marzouq stated that the cooperation with this unique national platform comes under the umbrella of Zain’s strategy aimed at strengthening its digital partnerships, as the company aims to expand the package of innovative services and solutions that we offer to business customers from the public and private sectors.

He expressed his pride in cooperating with “PASS” based on Zain’s belief in the capabilities of Kuwaiti entrepreneurs in various fields, especially the technological fields.

“PASS is pleased to announce its cooperation with Zain, the leading telecommunications and technology company in the Middle East, to provide traffic safety solutions and smart city services,” Dhari Al-Zayed said.

He added that «PASS» is the first company in Kuwait to provide a vehicle plate reading service, through the cameras of «ARH» its strategic partner, and aspires to expand through this cooperation with its services, hoping that it will contribute through this partnership to achieving the goals of the new Kuwait Vision 2035.

Latest solutions

Zain is continuously providing the latest innovative technological solutions to enable a smart life, a safe society and a highly efficient business sector, based on the seven main pillars laid down by the development plan for the vision of a “new Kuwait” by the year 2035, so that it considers itself a key partner in achieving its goals.

This agreement reflects Zain’s main role as a leading national company in providing the latest technological solutions and services to major national institutions from the public and private sectors, thus contributing to the elevation and prosperity of Kuwait at all levels and levels, especially as it represents the Kuwaiti private sector, which is considered a strategic partner in the country’s development plans. And one of its main pillars.

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