Cooling sweat lowers immunity

Andrei Tiagelnikov, chief independent specialist in primary health care for the adult population at the Ministry of Health in Moscow, told Sputnik that the sudden cooling of a sweaty person can lead to a decrease in immunity.

temperature difference

“The big danger in the heat is the difference in temperature,” he said. For example, if you enter an air-conditioned room after the heat, a large difference between the temperature outside and in the room can cause stress to the body, which leads to a decrease in immunity. When a person sweats, stress increases – because the moisture on the body instantly cools. Therefore, you have to be very careful with air conditioners. In a car, the air should be cooled gradually and not set to a very cold temperature.”

effective method

According to him, you should also not go out sweating in inclement weather, because wind or air current creates currents of cold air directed to a certain point of the body, where hypothermia can instantly cause various diseases.

He added: “In hot weather, you need to try to stay at a comfortable temperature – up to 25 degrees. And if this is not possible, a little cold shower is an effective way to help the body cool down. If possible, shower several times a day, to avoid discomfort – at least twice a day.

Showering will also help eliminate unpleasant odors, remove excess grease and dust, and unclog pores.”

He explained that if it is not possible to shower, you can dampen a towel and a piece of cloth and put it on your face, on the back of your head, and wipe yourself, as well as wash your face with cold water. You can also do this outdoors by dampening a rag with water from a bottle.


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