Converting 100 million paper-to-digital real estate documents

The Ministry of Justice began transferring all legal real estate transactions from paper to electronic form through a specialized center within the initiative to digitize real estate wealth. Ahmed Al-Salman, General Supervisor of the Real Estate Digitization Initiative at the Ministry of Justice, said in a press statement that the initiative works on two main tracks, the first aims to convert 100 million paper real estate documents into a digital format that can be indexed, searched and circulated, while the second track aims to stop production and dealing in papers. He pointed out that the emptying and mortgage procedures are linked to 14 government agencies, and all these procedures must be transferred and linked electronically without the need for human intervention. The ministry had recently announced the modernization of about 460,000 instruments, since the launch of the service for updating real estate titles. Through the initiative to digitize real estate wealth, one of the initiatives of the National Transformation Program 2020, the Ministry of Justice seeks to improve and develop real estate services and simplify procedures for managing all real estate wealth, in line with the ambitious vision of the Kingdom 2030. The initiative aims to register real estate ownership of owners to obtain the best electronic services such as an inquiry request About real estate, knowing the status of the real estate deed, and the online request for real estate emptying

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