Controls to capping electric vehicle charging prices

The Board of Directors of the Electricity and Cogeneration Regulatory Authority has approved the regulatory framework document for the activity of charging electric vehicles. Service prices are not subject to regulation, and they are left to the market to determine them, taking into account the regulations in place to combat monopoly and unfair competition. The decision required the distribution service provider to develop the necessary procedures to deal with requests for service delivery to electric vehicle charging stations, and to complete all relevant internal equipment and systems within 60 days from the date of publishing the tire in the Official Gazette yesterday. Owners and operators of electric vehicle charging stations or equipment shall comply with the technical requirements issued by the authority, especially the requirements of the distribution code, the technical requirements issued by the distribution service provider at the site to be installed in. The approval of the distribution service provider must be obtained before installing and operating any stations or equipment for charging electric vehicles This is to ensure the availability of the required electrical load or allocate an electrical power supply. According to the regulatory framework for electric vehicle charging activity, the distribution and retail service provider is obligated to apply the approved tariff on feeding stations or electric vehicle charging equipment according to the consumption category of the facility connected to it in accordance with the provisions of the Electric Service Provision Guide.

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