Confirmation seals baptism

Along with baptism and the Eucharist, confirmation is part of the sacraments of Christian initiation. Originally, there was only one celebration comprising three sequences: immersion in water, the anointing of scented oil or chrismation, and the first communion. The anointing, begun on the body by the priests, was finished on the head by the bishop. It is this anointing that has become confirmation in the West.

Confirmation gives the baptized the Holy Spirit, the strength he needs to grow in the life of God and to witness to Christ in the image of the disciples from Pentecost. In the ritual, two gestures manifest this gift: the laying on of hands and the signing. The bishop marks the baptized person with the sign of the cross with holy chrism, saying: “Be marked by the Holy Spirit the gift of God. “ This gift seals, completes his baptism.

In France, the age of confirmation is today the subject of debates and various pastoral practices.


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