Completing 5,000 projects in the construction sector with a value of 6 trillion riyals

The Kingdom plans to complete 5,000 projects in the construction sector with a value of at least 6 trillion riyals, after it acquired 33% of the volume of the Gulf construction market with a value of 825 billion dollars. The Kingdom is currently the highest performing market with the recovery of the construction sector in the Middle East, after the launch of The journey of recovery from the repercussions of the Corona pandemic since the end of last year 2020, and the flexible economic policies adopted by the government contributed; To deal with the repercussions of Corona in supporting the sector, a report issued by the Saudi Contractors Authority in June 2021 showed a growth in the number of establishments operating in the contracting sector by 6% by the end of the fourth quarter of 2020, to reach 175.4 thousand establishments, employing nearly 2.8 million workers. According to the report, the building construction activity topped the largest number of establishments and workers in the contracting sector, as it includes 99.8 thousand establishments, or 56.9%, and includes 1.7 million male and female employees, at a rate of up to 61%. It is expected to grow by 5.2% during the period between 2021-2026, and the outbreak of the Corona virus “Covid-19” pandemic affected the construction sector projects, which led to the suspension of many activities of the construction sector in the Middle East, and in a related context, the Studies Unit issued The analytical guide at W7Worldwide for strategic and media consultancy, this January, a communication guide, entitled “7 Communication Strategies for the Building and Construction Sector to Recover from the Covid-19 Pandemic”; To help construction companies formulate effective post-COVID-19 communication strategies, including updating communication strategies, collaboration with the public sector, media relations, thought leadership, employee engagement, sustainability and carbon reduction.


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