Communications: Investing 40 billion riyals to support the digital infrastructure

The Governor of the Communications and Information Technology Commission, Dr. Muhammad Al-Tamimi said: During the past three years, companies operating in the telecommunications field have invested more than 40 billion riyals in digital infrastructure. He explained in a press statement yesterday that the most important sectors that are currently focused on are developing cloud computing. And the blockchain chain, denying that the telecommunications sector has reached a state of saturation now because it is considered enabling for many sectors, and he indicated that the number of fifth generation towers in the Kingdom has reached more than 12 thousand towers, pointing to directives to the Communications and Information Technology Commission and the Ministry of Communications so that the Kingdom is the hub of connecting continents and this What is being worked on to implement these ambitions. Al-Tamimi said: The postal sector is still less than ambitions, explaining that the number of companies operating in it has increased from 10 to more than 38 companies, and that there is an ambitious plan that the ministry is working on to improve the sector’s performance, and that the size of the market Saudi Post amounts to about 6 billion riyals, indicating that many of the companies operating in it are likely to be listed in the financial market soon. Al-Tamimi said: The level of competitiveness in the sector has reached an advanced stage, and it is not measured by the number of companies only, but it has other criteria related to user satisfaction and his ability to switch from one provider to another.

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