Commerce in Tabuk carries out more than 1600 monitoring rounds during the month of April

The Ministry of Commerce branch in Tabuk region carried out last April 1626 supervisory rounds on commercial centers and shopping and catering outlets. The tours included the city of Tabuk and the governorates of the region, to follow up on the centers ’commitment to applying precautionary measures and preventive measures, taking into account the capacity of shoppers, ensuring the availability of goods and their alternatives, verifying their validity and monitoring cases of commercial fraud and price manipulation, and resulted in the seizure of 243 violations, which are dealt with in accordance with laws and regulations. It also initiated 1189 trade communications, and monitored the pricing of more than 8,500 products and 188 ration visits. The director of the Ministry of Commerce branch in the region, Eng. Salem Al-Wobari, confirmed that the control teams continue their tasks according to their specializations in monitoring the markets in various cities, governorates and centers of the region, coinciding with the period of the holidays and their readiness to purchase the supplies of the blessed Eid al-Fitr, and to control cases of fraud, if any, and verify the validity of promotional offers. Contests, discounts and statutory penalties imposed on violators, urging consumers in the region to report their remarks through the communications center on the standard number 1900 or through the application of a “commercial report”.

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