Comedian Yann Epstein, 67, has died

Yann Epstein had a great passion for cinema. He landed his first role in The friends, directed by Gérard Blain when he was only 17 years old. During his career, the actor notably played in The kid by Alain Corneau, alongside Annie Girardot in Always alone by Gérard Mordillat, in Wasabi with Jean Reno, in Dear Brother, The deserter, but also in I hate actors by Gérard Krawczyk. He has also produced dubbing and voice-overs for documentaries on Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

For years he wrote. He had adapted the novel by Henri Vincenot The Pope of the Snails, which speaks of companionship and love. He had also written a screenplay based on the adventures of Henri de Monfreid and Joseph Kessel. The latter was of great influence in his life as a man and an artist. He left these two scenarios to his four children.

Her children wanted to respond after a tweet from Véronique Genest which gave details of the circumstances of Yann Epstein’s death before resuming in a new message.

“We, the children of Yann Epstein, wanted to express ourselves on what has been falsely said in the media in recent days. The goal is not to enter into a conflict with the person who is responsible for it, (directly or indirectly), but to restore the truth, because our father, who died at the beginning of September, never shot himself in the head.

Yann was passionate about his profession, he had an unrivaled rage for life, and knew how to give body and soul to what animated and inspired him and all those who had known him all his life, the cinema. He wasn’t just an actor and director, he was a brilliant screenwriter.

We wish to be respected, us and the memory of our father, in a very difficult and painful time.

Thank you. Romain, Michaël, Laura and Deborah. “


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