Colombia: the arrest of the most dangerous gang leader of murder and drug trafficking

The Colombian authorities have arrested the most important drug dealer in the country and the wanted number 1 of the authorities who have been chasing him for nearly 10 years, called Daero Antonio Osoga, the leader of the “Del Golfo” gang, which is a great achievement for the government of the most prominent cocaine exporter in the world.

Osuga’s arrest, known as “Otonel”, took place in the municipality of Nicocle near the border with Panama, where about 500 soldiers were deployed, supported by 22 helicopters from the police and army forces.

Pictures released by the government on Saturday showed the 50-year-old defendant, “Ottonell”, handcuffed and surrounded by soldiers.

Colombian President Ivan Duca described Otonel’s arrest as “the biggest blow to drug trafficking in the current century,” and said, “It can only be compared to the fall of Pablo Escobar in the 1990s,” as he put it.

President Duka added that a policeman was killed during the pursuit of Osuga before he was arrested in his rural hideout in the northwestern province of Antiqua.

The Del Golfo gang is one of the most dangerous gangs in the world, and is believed to have about 1,800 armed members. During the past years, many assassinations were committed in Colombia, where it controlled the cocaine smuggling routes in the areas from which drug smuggling operations to Central America and the United States originated, which allocated 5 million US dollars for information that helps in his arrest.


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